Emily’s Test Page – (2007)

Las Vegas, NV – Superbowl 2007 – January 4th-5th, 2007

At the very last minute, realizing we had no Superbowl plans – Jim & I decided to fly to Vegas for the day to watch the game. We flew out on Sunday morning, stayed one night @ Mandalay Bay, and flew home Monday afternoon. Needless to say – I don’t remember who played, or who won (I’m notorious for watching an entire sporting event & then not knowing who won). Good Times!

The One-And-Only pic we took on this trip. Apparently my rule of thumb to ‘take @ least ONE picture’ when you go somewhere – isn’t always advantageous… Note to self – ‘Sometimes No picture is better than a hideous one. :) Ha! I’m not afraid.

The trip to Antigua was probably my first “real” vacation. I’d never seen anything like it!The Taxi ride from the airport to the resort merits a permanent memory in my mind. I REALLY thought we were going to die.Our room was ground level with a walk-out patio to the beach, and an unbelievable view of the ocean.At least 3 couples got married in ‘our’ back-yard the week we were there. Steel drums & tropical flowers… and a down-pour of rain for one couple.I think the first three days we were there we did nothing but lounge and eat. Jim went diving one morning and I indulged at the spa.Around day three we found the ping-pong table and the empty dance club. Ha! We rocked the dance-floor like it was packed… but really we were the only ones there! I was robbed from my 1st place spot in musical chairs one night – but got a 2nd place bottle of Antiguas locally made tequila (which I steered clear of)!The day we went on the Jungle Safari was one of my favorites. Our tour guide was genuine and full of energy. He drove an open jeep that sat eight of us in back, and taught us about the islands’ history, as well as its’ people and their way of life.Leaving the island… the journey THERE is always so much better than the one back home.It was an unbelievable trip!

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