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12 May

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12 May

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22 Jul


The Humpty – Playa del Carmen, MX – June 28, 2009

28 Jun

This is our car in Mexico.
Surprisingly, it doesn’t look that bad here. Maybe it’s the rain.
Every time we approach it – we’re surprised that it’s there. And further more, surprised again when it starts.
There is ZERO visibility from the side windows – because it has a sweet, do-it-yourself, ‘tint’ job that didn’t turn out so well. Logically you’d think… well roll down the windows. But no – they don’t roll down. The air-conditioning is permanently ‘ON’ – hence the tendency to over-heat. We keep a Gatorade bottle of water in the front seat, because every good car needs a good drink before you start it. It’s often that you will find me under the hood of The Humpty.
It’s sweet. I love it.

Catch of The Day – Axis Deer Hunt Juction, TX – June 25-28, 2009

25 Jun
(The following photographs may not be suitable for children.)
Not really, their totally normal – unless you grew up like I did with no guns, no hunting, no Survival Jim in ‘da house.
Jim taught me that you don’t ‘catch’ an animal when you’re a hunter… you kill it. But I still forget sometimes. This is what Jim KILLED last week.
Way to bring home the bacon babe!

This is some war-assault-weapon sold only to the U.S. Government and crazy people like Mark Tangler. Only Jim & Mark would be caught up in the mountains playing with this thing.

Jim slays all of Lifes’ Dragons for me and the boys… and occasionally he slays other things too.
As long as we’re not mounting heads to the bedroom walls – I’m in full support!

PS: Jim got eaten by a tick while in route for this kill, and refuses to go to the doctor. So if he gets Limes Disease and dies – you’ll all know why. Please don’t die honey!


Self-imposed Quarantine May 1-2, 2009

01 May
Home from Mexico… and enduring a self-imposed 48 hour quarantine. H1N1 had Jim worried about border closings, and I guess maybe – dying. So he packed me with him on this trip back to SLC. Our Doctors (my dad & RB) both advised, although it a tad over-kill that staying away from people for 48 hours was a good idea. 32 hours in, and neither of us show signs of The Swine! However definite signs of cabin fever had us justifying this climb up Mill Creek Canyon. Don’t worry, we spoke to no one… no sneezing, no eye-contact. Let’s be honest – this is ridiculous, but we’re doing it anyway.
We’ll be back in the real-world tomorrow!

It looks like I may not feel good here, but it’s not the flu – it was the 7 miles of up-hill behind me.
PRE up-hill, makes for a cheezy foto-op to show off my new bike :)

Annual Girls Trip – Austin, TX – April 24-28, 2009

24 Apr
And then there were 5…
This was the smallest group yet, for our annual girl-getaway. And let’s be honest ladies, now we know why! Could this city be lacking in any other possible way? (I’m just sayin’.) Despite countless recomendee’s, I’d contend our fine Salt Lake City is a more ‘happenin’ destination! Or maybe we’re a little picky… it’s likely that’s the case!
The truth is – at this point, it doesn’t really matter where we go – it’s more about a designated time of year to hang out, just girls.

We found ‘Butt-Rock’ Night at one of the down town hot-spots. And trust me, this was a real gem compared to the sweet hangouts we’d seen the night before!
This is Ashley doing her ‘Rocker’ face… that, combined with the fact that she doesn’t get a lot of time away from her two kiddos :)

Ericka & Jenni caught a cab home this night – and the three of us decided to save a buck, and take a tricycle!
We did manage to make it to The Alamo, thanks to Ashley. Only to find, (yes The Alamo) but also beer stands, and circus tents, trampolines, a man on stilts, and a whole lot of very weird people. It was strange, and not the historical & inspiring venture one might expect. But we got the pic – and I can check it off the list.
On the way there, we had a bit of an argument over what The Alamo was actually supposed to look like: I thought it was a fort, Stacey was sure it was a church, and Jenni insisted it was every other building we passed along the freeway.
And just as I was feeling guilty for having such foggy memories of my 6th-grade studies, someone said, ‘Haven’t you ever seen The Three Amigos!?’
Need I say more… I love my friends!

Ash & E

Stacey & I ordered Cheese Quesedillas from Room Service one night at midnight. And then spent the following morning, convincing ourselves why we shouldn’t have ‘eaters-remorse’. Apparently we’re pretty persuasive, because we ordered the same Quesedillas at 1am the next night.

Until next year!

Down South… April – August, 2009

01 Apr

Sun & Study
Playa del Carmen, MX
I remember thinking when I was 19… every place I want to be is ‘South’ of where I am. And until I was ‘South’ – I wasn’t at home. In college, South always meant home, heat, desert, mom & dad, and (yes again) heat. And a decade later, it still seems – every place I want to be is South of where I am. Oh – until now :)
Jim & I rented a place here for 6 months – committing to the first 3… and contemplating the last 3. It all may depend upon my learning curve (no pressure). I didn’t find fluency in my two-week February experience, so I’m back for more!

The following 4 pictures are views from our new casa. And the direction you choose to face, may very well effect your mood. One direction, you’re a goddess in your very own palace – the next, an every-day Mexican – coming up for air in between smells of sewage & fish.

Our landlord is a retired 1980’s NBA player, who designed & built the place. He & his wife live in the main quarters, and we live in one of the 3 rental areas.
George is our neighbor below. Today he brought me a mango, and taught me the best way to cut & eat it. He speaks Italian, Spanish, & English – and gives me good advice about my studies! This is the view of our Courtyard.

This is the view from where I’m sitting now on the roof-deck. You can barely see the ocean, but it’s still great right!? Our landlord said when they built it, none of these building you see were there – it was all ocean-view.

…and from the front of the house.

We’ve got word out on the street that we’re looking to buy one of these sweet puppies, but we’re still hunting. This one was a rental.
Jim will go back & forth for the monkeys of course… 7 days here, 5 in SLC with them (a whole LOT of plane tickets). And soon, he’ll fly our plane here – with the idea that we’ll travel to the more remote & rural areas of the country.

We visited the Island of Cozumel last weekend. It’s 10 miles of sea from PDC. We took a 30 minute ferry there, and then rented a scooter for the day. It took us 3 hours to cruise around the entire island. And, oh how Jim loves my driving!

Here, we stopped at a spot where the waves crash upward through holes in the sea-rock. It’s amazingly lively and gorgeous!

Is this true?
Because I’ve been looking for my ticket in!

To be continued… the boys come for a week in June & again in July. I MISS them.
And everyone else too!
Un beso!

Playa Del Carmen, MX – Feb 8 -?

08 Feb
Mi Familia!

Everyone who does the FaceBook scene probably knows where I am right now, and how it’s going… but Mom, Pauline, & my family & friends who haven’t jumped on the FB wagon:
I am in Playa Del Carmen, MX. Today is Day 5… but here are a few short clips of what I’ve been posting:

This is Day 1 ladies & gentleman… and I’ll admit – a bit hard. I’m in an internet cafe, and bouncing between homesick-tears, & awe. First day of class starts tomorrow @ 8AM, and so far I’ve made one friend… Alejandro, the Security Guard. I’m excited for the 14 days ahead of me. LOVING My Man, The Monkeys, My Family, & My good, good Friends. Thanks for such an extra-ordinary B-Day all of you! SO many surprises!Oh – and I think I’ll go with ‘awe’ vs. the ‘homesick-tears’!

My School.

My dorm.

My closet… all settled in!
Day 2 (which was really Day 1 for school) was really pretty rough… but overall (and of course, in hindsight), a great day! Thankfully, I have a good, good man – who keeps me on course when I’m frustrated & want to come home! I have no pictures from today (school lasted forEVER) – but above is a picture (Mi Familia) of how I was introduced to my Mexican adventure… Surprise #1 was to walk into my house – full of my ENTIRE family. They were sporting sombreros & tape-on mustaches – and were totally rocking to the Mexicano music station! Check them out. Surprise #2 was a trip to Playa del Carmen, MX – enrolled in a language school (something I’ve really wanted). And, we’ll have to cover Surprise #3 (a restaurant full of my bestest friends) when I get back!